PPG Global Charitable Contributions

PPG Latin America provided $60,000 U.S. to the Wameru Zoo in 2012 and 2013 from the Global Charitable Contributions Program.    Read More

PPG Grants Support the World Wildlife Fund                            Read More

PPG apoia programas de educação empreendedora em escolas da rede pública de Sumaré.
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PPG Hungary provided $40,000 U.S. to technical schools for teaching programs for painters and paperhangers in 2012 and 2013.
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Bringing Positive Impact to PPG Communities

Enriching Our Employees, Improving Our Communities and Enhancing Our Businesses Around the World

The PPG Industries Foundation and the PPG Global Charitable Contributions Program continue to evolve and grow in alignment with the continued success of our company.  As our company grows through innovation, expansion and product success, so do our charitable programs.  As our company’s business strategies change to increase our global focus, so do the strategies of our charitable programs.

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Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

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Latest News

PPG awards RMB 330,000 in scholarships to students from 10 Chinese universities in 2014

PPG helps draft China CSR Evaluation Criteria

PPG holds ‘Eco Classroom’ open day at three Chinese sites

PPG takes part in ‘Earth Hour’ for third consecutive year

PPG reports progress toward sustainability goals

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